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The Work Is Exceptional

"I found Abraham on Craigslist and called him up. He came right out and looked at the property. We had several bids, decided that he would be up to the job. It was a big job, lots of paint and lots of work, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

The colors came out good. The work is exceptional, cleaned up after himself. Maybe a little nervous to begin with because it was such a big job, but in the end here and I couldn't have made a better choice. So, thank you very much."

Michael John
Big Lake, MN

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Abraham Franco And Michael John

"It Was A Big Job, Lots Of Paint And Lots Of Work"

Finished Work

"I Couldn't Have Made A Better Choice."

I Highly Recommend Franco Painting, And They Did Wonderful, Wonderful job

"I hired Franco Painting to come in and redo all of the oak trim, and they painted it all white. We had all the trim painted on the upper level and the bedrooms as well; they did the kitchen cabinets, they painted all of the walls. And they did an amazing job, and I'm so excited.

It's pretty much like a new house. And actually, I want to have him give me an estimate for the basement, and I think that might be the next thing that we're going to start thinking about doing next. So I highly recommend Franco Painting, and they did a wonderful, wonderful job for me. Thank you."

Angie Sorenson
White Bear Lake, MN

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Angie Sorenson And Abraham Franco

"They Did An Amazing Job"

Finished Work

"I Want To Have Him Give Me An Estimate For The Basement"

They Did Such An Awesome Job

"Hi, I'm Teri. I had all dark cabinets in here, and they came through, and they did everything. The most thing I really, really liked is they cleaned up afterward. I mean, there wasn't one thing I had to do in this whole kitchen when I came back home from work.

I was expecting to clean the floors and everything, but I didn't have to do one thing, and they did such an awesome job. It totally is new."

Teri Shoenberger
Blaine, MN

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Before Work

"The Most Thing I Really, Really Liked Is They Cleaned Up Afterward"

Finished Work

"I Didn't Have To do One Thing"

I'm Very Happy With Your Work

"Hi, my experience with Franco Painting services has been excellent. From the time that I inquired, they got back to me immediately with a great quote, reasonable quote, and were able to answer any questions anytime that I had questions.

And then, they were able to schedule me right away. That aside, the actual quality of their painting work, their professionalism, their customer service, and just the great people that they are, just have us super happy.

Our job, our project, it looks beautiful. It looks like we have a brand new house and I can't wait to add more projects to the list, to call them to have them come back and do some more. I wouldn't recommend anybody else. I'm very happy with your work. Thank you."

Annete Alejos
Hudson, WI


Annete Alejos And Abraham Franco

"My Experience With Franco Painting Services Has Been Excellent."


"Just Have Us Super Happy"

Finished Work

"Our Job, Our Project, It Looks Beautiful."

Seriously, Can't Rave Enough About Abraham And His Team.

"I Found Franco Painting/Abraham on Craigslist - such a good find! Fair pricing, friendly, professional, quick, and beautiful work. I will be hiring again. I cannot rave enough about him and his team - the entire process was smooth, starting from the first reach out.

Abraham was prompt when I reached out for the first time. He was flexible with scheduling a time to check out the house/project. He's very professional but also didn't overcomplicate things, which I highly appreciated. He also understood the project's scope, and it was clear that he's done this many times before. I mean, he could tell latex from oil paint on the surfaces by just looking at it / touching it.

He also sands between coats and understands which paints go on which surfaces. Also, he has the capabilities to bring in many painters too which I so appreciated - My husband and I closed on a house on a Monday, and he had completely painted the main floor and second floor in 4 days - ceiling (some vaulted), crown, walls, trim, (2,200+ square feet) and our fireplace.

They also did full service - repaired cracks, holes, took down curtains, took down mirrors (and fixed previous owner's accidents hidden behind the powder room mirror), outlet covers, vents, took down, and put up shelving in closets and wire rack in the pantry.

Seriously can't rave enough about Abraham and his team. They were in and out of our new house and painted everything, so it feels brand new. It's the best! Oh! And the pricing was way more affordable compared to another company in the area. I just went with the pure white off the shelf to give the house a fresh/new look. It brightened up the house majorly."

Sara Kelzer
Chanhassen, MN

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During Work

"Fair Pricing, Friendly, Professional, Quick, And Beautiful Work."

Finished Work

"Abraham Was Prompt"

Finished Work

"He's Very Professional"

I Highly Recommend Franco Painting

"Hi, I want to give huge thanks to Abe for our beautiful cabinets. They look amazing, and they go with my house now. I want to say that the finish details, they look extremely awesome because they're sleek, they're smooth.

They make my house look modern now. The quality of his work shows that he took the time to perfect these cabinets, and it also reflects his years of experience that he has in this field.

I highly recommend Franco Painting to anyone that is considering doing any painting services in their house in the near future. Thank you again, Abe."

Goa Lor
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Annete Alejos And Abraham Franco

"They Look Amazing"

Finished Work

"The Finish Details, They Look Extremely Awesome"

"They make my house look modern now."